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Rusty's  Ghost Island Farm  Photos

2012 in the fields

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new rototiller freshly plowed field plowing the big field behind the farm stand using Fred's tractor laying plastic mulch adding compost and organin fertilizer to a sandy field laying plastic with a shovel
a whole field of plastic layed by hand harrowing the field after plowing putting up the fence behind the farm stand I was able to use Fred's tractor and post hole digger to build my deer fence direct seeding using compost
baby lettuce mix salad greens salad greens and arugula lettuce
red summer crisp lettuce summer squash rainbow swiss chard beets cultivating the corn
round yellow stuffing squash tomato field early spring corn
pink silk on an ear of corn flying saucer patty pan squash Rusty Gordon Fred Fisher and Jim cultivating crops Jim with Rusty Gordon and Fred Fisher deer on the other side of my deer fence


2011 - the beginning

2012 - crops

2012 - in the field

2012 - getting ready to open

2012 - the farm stand

2012 - in the front

2012 - farmers market



bird houses and gourds

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